QDP Services have nearly 20 years experience of running successful
surveys in schools and colleges
Distribute your surveys online, on paper or both!
QDP's customer services team are always availible to offer guidenace and
support throughout your survey
Use a QDP library model as a template or build your own bespoke
questionnaires from scratch or build your questionnaire from
the QDP bank of pre- loaded questions

About Us

QDP Services have been helping its partners run successful survey projects for nearly 20 years. QDP works exclusively in the education and skills sector and works to help those responsible for improving pupil and student experiences of education to make management decisions based on robust, reliable data captured through surveys.

Survey Manager is QDP's online toolkit which puts our 20 years experience in the hands of our customers. Survey Manager is much more than a piece of software - it is a managed process. QDP's trained quality team are available throughout the survey process to offer guidance and support to all customers using Survey Manager. QDP will undertake as much or as little of the project as you wish. QDP can print and distribute questionnaires or simple process the data collected - how much you do and how much QDP do is totally down to you!

Our Team

QDP have recruited staff from many disciplines to put together a diverse, strong and committed group of individuals who work together as a team to support those charged with improving standards in education and training.

Everyone at QDP understands the importance of helping our partners gather reliable, robust data they can trust when they make the management decisions which will affect the learning experience of thousands of pupils and students.

The goal of QDP has always been to take away the hassle of gathering data and remove the barriers to understanding complicated reports. QDP provide a trained, experienced quality team who support customers throughout their surveys. From the initial setup and question selection to advice on ensuring high response rates QDP's quality team offer guidance throughout your project.
Once a survey data has been collected and processed one of the QDP team will be available to run a reports presentation online to ensure you get the most value from your easy to understand QDP reports.

QDP will help you measure success and make a difference!